Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans for Credit Unions

We help strengthen credit unions by using SERPs as a tool to engage and motivate the industry’s greatest and most prolific leaders. OM pioneered Collateral Assignment Split Dollar (Split Dollar) programs for the credit union industry and continues to specialize in offering competitive and cost-effective employee benefit solutions.

Successfully attracting and retaining quality executives is essential to creating long-term financial business stability and success. We offer a wide variety of custom benefit plans designed to help accomplish these goals.

When to Implement a SERP

Do you have a key executive who is critical to your organization’s success that you want to retain?

Do you have an executive who has made a significant positive impact that you want to reward?

Do you have a recruiting tool in place to secure a smooth leadership transition as people retire?

Do you have an executive with essential experience, institutional knowledge and relationships?

Do you have a strategy in place to ensure commitment to your succession plan?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a SERP might be the best solution for your organization’s success.

Split Dollar

Benefits to the Credit Union

Split Dollar

Benefits to the Plan Participant

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